Soulgate discovery intuitive art images for conscious living & growth

Thank you for sharing this precious moment with me on our collective path of discovery.
Use this site and information you receive as a flower that brings fragrant wellness of sensual experience to the present moment in your life. A flower that will compliment many other views on our experiences and spiritual growth processes and with loving care bring to you stimulation for creativity.
Atza is an intuitive artist who creates images containing codes for the opening of individual soul gates towards conscious awareness of our higher self. The process is effortless and joyful, the way nature reflects itself through a flower growing with ease, beauty and acceptance.

Through new intuitive sacred geometrical entities Atza has created with his art, the mind opens to spectrum of vibration penetrating the entire universe with love of life.

Images are the main focus of this site and the influence of an image are explained on the IMAGE POWER Page. Atza’s search for a deeper meaning of existence through our being as a vehicle to ultimate experience, led him to create "Intuitive Images" as material messengers carrying information from the spiritual realm into present reality. Every drawing and painting has a different personality, vibrations or signs that reflect a meaningful message from deep within ourselves, which is sent to the mind ready to receive such information. On the subconscious level our mind receives subtle frequency vibrations that are helpful in bringing beneficial processes for growth into our life experiences. Images can reach much deeper into the unconscious belief structures we use by default on a daily basis than thoughts or words, and then cause the change we desire to begin its unfolding.

In addition to power of image, on the ELEMENTS page you will find other beneficial structures that build our conscious presence through mind, heart and body. Here attention is on the law of attraction, gratitude,   importance of keeping focus and being in the present moment, and presence in the body. These elements create the freedom to choose life as a magical canvas where we unleash our natural artistic expression, accept the life we live in the present and create our life as a piece of art with ease and joy.

On the GALLERY page you will find acrylic paintings and drawings divided into several albums. Use the images as a focus for your attention for a period of time that feels comfortable for you. Feel life energy inside your body, focus attention at the same time in the body and on the image. You will feel vibration in the body and in the image as well. At that time you are fully present in the moment and connected to your natural power, without a thought stream blocking the connection. These are the moments when the time line and thought processes are not present, and when you draw energy from the source for all forms of abundance to reflect into your life.

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welcome to the gate of self discovery
“We are so profoundly different, that we could all paint a master piece with our own lives, and never make a same stroke. Maybe while creating a master piece, we will realize that we are the miracle we always waited for.”
❂ AtzA ❂
Music by AtzA